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Take notes, write down what you have worked on. Companies, technologies, practices. Anything. Doesn't matter.

I've been at this for 9 years, and I've forgotten about half of it, and it's a shame really. That is as all useful information to have on your resume. Now, I think you should have two resumes. One should be quite long, with anything and everything. And you should tailor your resume to each job you apply for.

Not everyone needs to know EVERYTHING you've done. Sometimes a bit of trimming can be a good thing.

That's all, Happy Wednesday.

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Nice Pro-Tip, Joseph S Stevens . It Helps!

Some Wild Thoughts:

How about a way to provide Pro-Tips similar to what we get in CodeWalls in HashNode? It could be altogether a separate option in Hashnode to proactively give some Pro-Tips in various areas(we already got various Tags!).

It could be another option like we have for writing stories, asking question etc.. another option to provide concise Pro-Tips. That way a Pro-Tip can be separated out from a blog/story. A Pro-Tip can be associated with Tip points(appreciation) based on how useful the Tip was to others..

Ok, I think I am going too wild.. Let me stop 😷!

CC: Sandeep Panda

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Love the creativity Tapas Adhikary It crossed my mind as well that this kind of post deserves its own genre.