Software is about control

Did you know, as a software developer, your job fundamentally relies on the concept of control. You are paid, to control software. If someone asks how something you built works, and your answer is I don't know, it just kind of does it's own thing.

Man, that is the best way to get canned, and have someone replace you. Loosing control of a codebase is a terrible thing. It fundamentally changes the entire experience, it can turn an exciting fun project into something you dread every day. And yet, of the dozens of codebases I've seen over the years, without fail, all of them have grown out of control.

It's a very difficult challenge, staying in control of a codebase. But it's something worth fighting for. To any developer out there, I challenge you to remove something terrible out there. To any manager out there, if a developer is removing something from the codebase, and his or her answer is because it sucks, Pat them on the back, and say keep at it, make it better.

That's all, stay safe out there folks.

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